Hands-on leadership participation is what makes our products some of the best in the industry.  All our shipments are produced and inspected by quality control experts to ensure any problems are solved prior to shipment to our customers.  At least once a year, a representative from Timbergon Trading visits each mill to perform annual hands-on inspections and to offer any ideas for new techniques or shipping changes to encourage an on-going, always improving, quality control system to better serve our customers high standards for high-quality products.


The focus of Timbergon Trading is to find the perfect balance of excellence for both our vendors as well as our customers. We have traveled worldwide in search of the few vendors that will offer consistent availability, high quality workmanship, reliable shipments and fair market pricing to our customers. Due to this close relationship with our vendors, you can be assured your order is given priority, and, should a problem arise, it is resolved quickly and efficiently with the various international parties, usually totally transparent to you, our valued customer.

Our customer service is driven by our belief in the moral fabric of character, integrity, honesty, reliability, and old-fashioned hard work. It is this unconditional committment to our core set of values that attribute to our success as a trusted name in the industry.

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